This is the space for net working, sharing business ideas and transferring good practices and, developing European cooperation, encouraging and supporting long-term entrepreneurial initiatives through information, advice and assistance.

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The EIBI Project has a friendly community providing informal support and discussion, and we welcome your contributions in our mailing lists . You can click one of the links below to sign up for a particular list. All lists are publicly archived.

General List

• EIIBI Project – General questions (EIBI): Discussion with EIBI Project’s teams and participants in the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC).

Project-Specific Lists

1 How to design a business plan (Business plan): Discussion about the first steps for starting your business: business idea, business model, market analysis, positioning and target market, expenses, assets, costs, sales forecast and how to found your business.
2 How to start a business (Get started!) : Discussion about legal issues, how to choose the legal form for your business, organization and management, accounting and taxes.
3 How to have access to the market (In the Market): Discussions about how to stand out your business, make your business different and innovative, how to get grow your business, assure logistics, advertise your business on web site, social media.


To  promote the  entrepreneurship   education and the product of our project, six national seminars are organized in the  partners’ countries  attended by  the managers,  training providers and potential users,  who  will learn about the created resources and  how   to  use  the MOOC. See more on :

  • National Seminar in Romania
  • National Seminar in Cyprus
  • National Seminar in Italy
  • National Seminar in Spain
  • National Seminar in Portugal
  • National Seminar in UK


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