The project starts with a functional analysis to define the actions performed by an entrepreneur, when starting a business.
After mapping these competences for people who wish to start a business and assessing, through a survey, the targeted disadvantaged groups training needs, the partners will establish the training outputs and, design the Training Model and the Curriculum.

The partners will collect training/learning/evaluation materials, in CC license, or develop content themselves interactive materials and learning tools relating to the proposed modules and topics, which will be on the project website as Open Educational Resources (OER) , grouped in 3 Units: Design your business plan (link to Unit 1), Establish your business(link to Unit 2) and Develop your business(link to unit 3).

These resources will be used for setting a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and to develop entrepreneurial skills as well as linguistic and digital skills of 150 people from the project’s partner countries and approximately 500 from across the world , who will participate in online learning with the help of 60 facilitators, recruited and trained in the participating countries to support and guide the learners’ communities on the MOOC.

After finish the learning on the MOOC, 150 the participants from disadvantaged groups, unemployed, young people finding a job, seniors 50+, women, adults from disadvantaged area or with special need , will attend the five days in different Workshops organized in partners’ countries, to apply acquired competence and skills in practice, working together to make a business plan.

At the end of the training, participants will present their projects, their business idea and plan in front of colleagues and representatives of business, which will give them feedback. The participants will be motivated and encouraged to move on, from idea to action and initiate their own business.

These workshops are real “incubators” of business ideas. It is expected that many business ideas to be put into practice and to be created a network with fruitful results in cooperation and partnership in the future business of the participants.